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Mutual Expectation and Relationship Agreement

  1. Mutual Expectation and Relationship Agreement
  2. A. The Volunteer will:
  3. a. Act as a member of the team to which she/he is assigned at all times.
  4. b. Be punctual and conscientious in fulfilling her/his duties and accurately reflect the time served either by recording hours online or to supervisor.
  5. c. Adhere to her/his schedule and promptly report any absences or tardiness to supervisor.
  6. d. Perform her/his duties listed on the attached job description to the best of her/his ability, conducting herself/himself with honesty, dignity, and courtesy.
  7. e. Wear clean and neat clothing deemed appropriate by Volunteer Station Supervisor.
  8. f. Take any problems, concerns, or suggestions to the Network Volunteer Coordinator and/or the Volunteer Station Supervisor.
  9. g. Follow all rules and accept supervision with a willingness to learn; ask about things that are not understood.
  10. h. Adhere to the drug-free workplace policy. Volunteers must not use or be under the influence of controlled, illegal, or alcoholic substances while volunteering.
  11. i. Use office equipment (computers, phones, etc.) and supplies for agency business only, unless given specific permission.
  12. j. Please do not accept gifts, tips, etc. from members of the public you are serving.
  13. k. Notify the Volunteer Coordinator if she/he is no longer able to volunteer or if her/his volunteer work will be interrupted for an extended period of time.
  14. l. Read and follow the contents of the Volunteer Handbook.
  15. B. Other provisions:
  16. a. Separation from Volunteer Service: The Volunteer Station may request the removal of a Network volunteer at any time. The volunteer may withdraw from service at the Volunteer Station or from The Network at any time. Discussion of individual separations will occur among The Network staff, Volunteer Station staff, and the volunteer to clarify the reasons, resolve conflicts, or take remedial action, including placement with another Volunteer Station.
  17. b. Religious Activities: The Volunteer Station will not request or assign The Network volunteers to conduct or engage in religious, sectarian, or political activities.
  18. c. Displacement of Employees: The Volunteer Station will not assign The Network volunteers to any assignment which would displace employed workers or impair existing contracts for services.
  19. d. Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation: The Volunteer Station will maintain the programs and activities to which The Network volunteers are assigned accessible to persons with disabilities (including mobility, hearing, vision, mental, and cognitive impairments or addictions and diseases) and/or limited English language proficiency and provide reasonable accommodation to allow persons with disabilities to participate in programs and activities
  20. e. Prohibition of Discrimination: The Volunteer Station will not discriminate against The Network volunteers or in the operation of its program on the basis of race; color; national origin, including limited English proficiency; gender; sexual orientation; age; political affiliation; religion; or on the basis of disability, if the volunteer is a qualified individual with a disability.
  21. This Agreement may be amended, in writing, at any time with concurrence of both parties and must be reviewed at least every three years.
  22. By signing this Agreement, I confirm that I have read and agree to follow the conditions of this agreement. I also agree to the following:
  23. • As a condition of volunteer placement, I agree not to divulge to unauthorized persons any confidential information obtained from observation, conversation, correspondence, personal records, or any other source. This includes information about both the staff and people served by City of Las Cruces affiliated programs. I will not publish, orally disclose or otherwise make public any confidential information, except as I am legally required.
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