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Council Chamber Reserve Checklist

  1. Prior to filling out form, contact Building Services at ext. 528.3200 or view City Hall Council Chambers Calendar to determine if requested date is available.
  2. Must be a City sponsored event.

  3. Event Organizer must be present at event and be a City of Las Cruces employee, City Councilor or Mayor. 

  4. Must be City Employee, City Councilor or Mayor. Must have City representative at event.

  5. Chamber's Availability*
  6. Is this a recurring scheduled meeting? *
  7. Included all the dates & time(s) for the calendar year.
  8. Include setup and takedown time 

  9. Time the actual event or meeting is scheduled/publicized to start/end. DO NOT included setup/take down time.

  10. Include setup and takedown time

  11. Time the actual event or meeting is scheduled/publicized to start/end. DO NOT include setup/take down time. 

  12. What support are you requesting from the Communications Office (CO)*

    Select all that apply.  

  13. What Audio Devices are Needed? *

    Select All that Apply

  14. Will you be using the Chambers PC?*

    Note: there is no way to connect a laptop or outside computer to the projector or monitors. If giving a presentation, you must use the Chambers PC. 

  15. What support are you requesting from I.T. Helpdesk? *

    Select all that apply. Event organizer is responsible for turning ON/OFF the projector, chambers PC and uploading and loading presentations from Presentation Drive (N). 

  16. What support are you requesting from Building Services?*

    Select all that apply.

  17. Presentations and Updates*

    Presentations will be approved, uploaded and opened by the event organizer on the chambers PC from the Presentation network drive (N). Presentations will not be uploaded or opened by I.T. HelpDesk nor the Communications Office the day of the event. Also, if there are any date/time changes or cancellations, you are responsible for notifying Facilities, the Communications Office and I.T. HelpDesk.

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