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Station 2

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Fire Station 2 protects a diverse area that ranges from the busy retail corridor of El Paseo Street to the quiet neighborhoods of Mesilla Park.

Air Management Program

Station 2 is home to the department's Air Management Program (AMP). The program is responsible for servicing the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus' (SCBA) as well as the refilling and maintenance of air cylinders and oxygen bottles.

Bench Testing

In 1999, we updated to the latest bench testing technology for testing our pressure reducers and regulators. In 2001, we purchased a Mobile Air Unit (MAU) equipped with a bulk filling system which would enable us to fill approximately fifty 4500 psi air cylinders at an emergency scene. We have a 6,000 psi compressor that is attached to a cascade system in Station Two.

Testing & Maintenance

Currently, we are recognized by Scott Health and Safety as an in-house repair facility. We have Level III Technicians handling all the testing and maintenance of our breathing apparatus.

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