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Capital Improvements Advisory Committee Agenda
The following Agenda will be considered at a regular meeting of the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee to be held, Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 1:30pm, at the Utilities Center, Conference Room 225, located at 680 N. Motel Boulevard.


Conflict of Interest:

At the opening of each meeting, the Chairperson shall ask if any member on the Committee or any member of the City staff has any known conflict of interest with any item on the agenda.


Acceptance of Agenda.


Old Business:

  1. None.

New Business

  1. Utilities Projects Update by Carl Clark.
  2. Parks & Recreation FY22 Q3 Financial Review by Jacqueline Rubalcava. 
  3. Public Safety FY22 Q3 Financial Review by Jacqueline Rubalcava. 
  4. Public Safety Projects Verbal Updates by Chief Smith:
  1. Collecting Fee Items.
  2. (East Mesa Public Safety Complex) Expenditures on Debt Service.
  3. Station 3 Update, Open House for Public.
  4. Council Passing $5 Million Bond issuance for New Apparatus. 
  5. ARPA Funding expected to be received next month to design a Mobile Integrated Health Care Program Building.
  6. Academy with 35 with 20 Cadets started on 9/12/2022, expecting graduation Dec 16th.

Public Participation.



  1. None.

Board Comments:


Next Regular Meeting: October 27, 2022

  1. Old Business:
    1. Discuss Parks & Recreation Impact Fee Verbal Update by Sonya Delgado.
  2. New Business:
    1. Utilities FY22 End-of-Year Financial Review Update by Domonique Rodriguez.
    2. Parks & Recreation Projects Updates by Cathy Mathews.
    3. Parks & Recreation FY22 End-of-Year Financial Review by Jacqueline Ruvalcava.
    4. Public Safety FY22 End-of Year Financial Review by Jacqueline Ruvalcava.
    5. 2022 Construction Activity Update by Larry Nichols.
  3. Proposed Work Session:
    1. Ordinance 1335.
    2. Summarize all responsibilities, duties and expectations of CIAC.
    3. Summarize all relationships with City Departments and other Boards or Committees. 
    4. CIP guidelines and structure for the present and the future. 
    5. Validate those responsibilities, duties, and expectations with the City Manager, and City Council, if significantly different from general perception currently assumed.
    6. Define all processes with steps, timelines, checkpoints, data points, with required standardized information formats, action, ease, etc, for all responsibilities, duties, and expectations. 
    7. Establish operational guidelines and instruction.
    8. Validate those operational guidelines and instructions with City Manager, City Council if significantly different from general perception currently assumed. 
    9. Establish a procedure/protocol on public concerns about the City. 


If you need an accommodation for a disability to enable you to fully participate in this event, please contact us 72-hours before this event at 528-3511/V or 528-3690/TTY. 

Posted: 9/16/2022