The Las Cruces City Charter requires that there be a “periodic review of the boundaries of the districts” and that each Council district “shall contain as nearly as possible substantially the same population-based upon the most recent federal census.” City Council passed Resolution 22-031 creating an ad hoc committee to work with Research & Polling, Inc. to provide public input and evaluate various redistricting proposals.  The committee is made up of 7 members, one from each district and one at large position.  All meetings are open to the public and agendas can be found here

City Charter 

Resolution 22-031 

Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee Member List


Maps of Redistricting Concepts

Current Districts Map (PDF)

The Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee met on July 20, 2022 and narrowed down the maps to the following concepts.  Please provide all public comment to the email address below.

Concept Map B (PDF)

Concept Map H(1) (PDF)

Concept Map J (PDF)

Concept Map K (PDF)

For feedback or comments, please email