2022 GO Bond

Illustration of GO Bond logo that says General Obligation Bonds, building our future

Build Our Future

Vote on the general obligation bonds on November 8, 2022!

On November 8, 2022, the citizens of Las Cruces will vote on a number of general obligation bond projects. These projects will include the creation of an affordable housing fund, the building of a new fire station, park improvements, and Phase 2 of the East Mesa Recreation Complex.

Your vote allows The City of Las Cruces to provide more amenities and services!

  • $6 million affordable housing fund to create homes and jobs
  • $10 million for a new fire station to enhance public safety and shorten response times
  • $2 million for park improvements that give families and kids things to do
  • $5 million for Phase 2 of the East Mesa Recreation Complex

These projects will improve the quality of life for citizens in Las Cruces. Please go to the polls on November 8 and vote on all general obligation bond projects!

New Home Construction

Affordable Housing

Making it Accessible. Keeping it Affordable.

$6 million is needed to build a strong foundation and make an impact on the housing needs of the city.

The City of Las Cruces has set a goal to create 300 affordable/attainable housing units by 2025. A $6 million investment could leverage up to $36.5 Million in federal, state, and private funds to add another 175 affordable housing units to the city. This would help reduce the shortage of 5,600 affordable rental housing units and give homeless children in the Las Cruces Public School District a place to call home. A strong foundation is needed to make an impact on the housing needs of the city.

Citywide benefits to affordable/attainable housing.

Citywide, there are many benefits to having affordable and attainable housing. First, it allows for people of all ages and income levels to live in the city. This is important because it ensures that everyone has access to the same opportunities and resources that the city has to offer. Additionally, having a variety of housing options helps to strengthen the economy by providing homes for people of all stages of life. This attracts new residents and businesses to the city, which in turn helps to create jobs and grow the local economy. Affordable and attainable housing is also beneficial for seniors who want to stay in their community as they age. It allows them to maintain their independence and stay connected to their friends and neighbors. Ultimately, having affordable and attainable housing throughout the city is essential for creating a thriving community for all residents.

Firefighter Eric Palma

New Fire Station

Enhance Public Safety and Shorten Response Time

The new fire station will help to ensure public safety by reducing response times for emergencies.

Fire Station 9 will reduce response times for the Sanoma Ranch and Central service area. Currently, the furthest area in a potential District 9 is 11:19 with light and sirens. All other areas in the City Fire averages 8:27. With Fire Station 9 in place, the response time for the furthest area in a potential District 9 will be reduced to 3-6 minutes. This will improve public safety for all residents in the service area.

Fire Station 9 will provide extra resources to the entire Highway 70 corridor.

Having an additional fire station on Sonoma Ranch would mean that there would be less of a need for other fire crews to respond from further away, which would reduce the amount of damage to property and injury to people in medical need. Additionally, it would mean less wear and tear on other apparatus that would be responding from further away.