February 4th- April 23, 2022

Charreada, featuring dynamic photographs by Mel Stone of the Mexican rodeo arena and the charreada, as well as the expertise of the riders who participate in its competitive events. Charreada will be on view 

 Local photographer Mel Stone’s photographs capture the drama and excitement of the Mexican rodeo arena and the charreada. From backstage preparations for the women’s competitive riding event to a man riding a bucking bronco or practicing lassoing moves on the sidelines, Stone brings to life a tradition that dates back to the early settlement of Mexico. The charreada is a competitive event that features nine scoring events for men that demonstrate the skill and proficiency of lassoing, controlling a horse, and other animal handling techniques. A tenth equestrian event for women has been established and is called the escaramuza. In the escaramuza, teams of women, in colorful decorative outfits, participate in riding horses in precisely choreographed patterns. 

scene from rodeo with a bucking bronco
small child in vaquero outfit riding a horse