Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) are methods to be followed routinely for the performance of designated operations or designated situations. The Las Cruces Police Department SOP's are referred to as General Orders (GO). These General Orders (GO's) are compiled, adapted, and published by the Chief of Police's authority with the City Manager's approval and concurrence for information, guidance, government, discipline, and administration of the Las Cruces Police Department and it's personnel.

The Las Cruces Police Department's General Orders are also available on the City of Las Cruces Municode website.

Manual Format

The General Orders Manual of the Las Cruces Police Department is formatted into six volumes with four currently being used:

  • Volume 1: Administrative
  • Volume 2: Field Operations
  • Volume 3: Evidence and Property 
  • Volume 4: Emergency Operations

General Orders shall follow the guidelines outlined in General Order 163, Policy Procedure Development.    

Policies are general statements that guide the department and its personnel in establishing missions and goals. Definitions provide clarification of specific terms used in this manual.  Rules are directives designed to govern those situations in which no deviation or exception is permitted.  Procedures are approved methods of handling, responding to, or dealing with given situations.

General Orders Manual contains relevant information for all employees and, at times, specific employees of the department. Some General Orders may not apply to civilian staff.  

Policy & Procedure Development Revisions

Citizens can find policy development and publication in GO-163 Policy and procedure development. The Las Cruces Police Department aligns its policies with best practices and current laws, including federal, state, local, and case laws. Ensuring the policy reflects what currently is practiced within the Department. 

Policies marked as Being Edited/Revised means that department personnel is editing or revising the policy following GO-163, and the policy will not be available online. Citizens can obtain a copy upon request per Chapter 14, Article 2 NMSA 1978, The Inspection of Public Records Act.

Policies marked as Published are implemented Department-wide as well as being available on the City’s public-facing website. Scroll down to review the Department’s published General Orders.

Numbering & Dates

General Order Numbering coincides with the Volume number, Volume 1 Administration, which is currently GO's 001 through 199. Volume 2 Field Operations 200 through 299, and Volume 3 Evidence and Property 300 and 301. Numbers that do not fall in the sequence are not used; in an ever-changing job field, these missing numbers are made available for additions and potential changes in the manual.


LCPD will use a three-level classification system to indicate the critical importance of each General Order. It is important to understand that all General Orders are critical; some more critical than others.

  • General Orders in RED are the MOST CRITICAL for employees to know and understand. These General Orders outline information and procedures that need to be followed in situations that allow little or no time to research or clarify when action needs to be taken.
  • General Orders in ORANGE are CRITICAL for employees to know and understand as they execute their duties. These General Orders outline procedures that need to be followed in situations that allow employees time to review and ask questions about certain situations.
  • General Orders in BLUE are LESS CRITICAL for employees to know but are still important to be familiar with them. These General Orders outline procedures covering issues that do not routinely impact commissioned officers while executing their day-to-day duties.
  • General Orders in BLACK are DAILY.


The Las Cruces Police Department's Standard Operating Procedures page was developed to provide general information. Las Cruces Police Department documents displayed are for reference purposes only. Their completeness or currency is not guaranteed.

To manage and keep the General Orders Manual current, we will keep the general orders listed in the current status column. 

We will be using three labels, Active, Pending Upload, and Under Review. 

  • Active - After the Chief approves the draft, Research and Development (R&D) personnel publish the policy and implement it Department-wide through its document management system and publish the policy on the City’s public-facing website. Scroll down to review the Department’s published SOPs.these policies are current and most up-to-date. 
  • Pending Upload - Policies that are active but are not available on the transparency page at the moment. 
  • Under Review - The policy owner or subject matter experts within the agency, alongside the Research and Development Unit (R&D) personnel are editing/revising the policy by incorporating policy recommendations from internal stakeholders (e.g., Department personnel). They align the policy with best practices and current laws, including federal, state, and local laws and case laws. They are also ensuring the policy reflects what currently is practiced and trained within the Department.
  1. Administration
  2. Field Operations
  3. Evidence and Property
  4. Emergency Operations

General Orders

GO Number Title Issue Date Revision Date Current Status
GO-001 Cover Page 05/13/2005 12/30/2020 Active
GO-002 General Orders Authority 05/13/2005 01/05/2021 Active
GO-003 Definitions 05/13/2005 01/05/2021 Active
GO-004 thru 099 Reserved      
GO-100  Department Mission & Goals 05/13/2005 05/01/2014 Active
GO-101 Oath of Office 05/13/2005 08/30/2011 Active
GO-102 Code Of Ethics 05/13/2005 08/30/2011 Active
GO-103 Code of Conduct 05/13/2005 05/17/2012 Active
GO-104 Department Organization 05/13/2005 06/19/2020 Under Review
GO-105 Office of the Chief of Police 05/13/2005 09/21/2016 Active
GO-106 Operations Division 05/13/2005 12/31/2014 Under Review
GO-107 Administrative Division 05/13/2005 10/08/2014 Under Review
GO-108 Command and Supervision Principles 05/13/2005 05/13/2005 Active
GO-109 Operations Division Staffing 03/28/2013 03/28/2013 Active
GO-110 Ballistic Vests 05/13/2005 04/19/2011 Active
GO-111 Written Communication 05/13/2005 05/17/2012 Active
GO-112 Student Intern Program 12/02/2013 12/02/2013 Active
GO-113 Reserved      
GO-114 NCIC Warrants & Wanted Persons 07/12/2013 02/08/2018 Active
GO-115 Crime Analysis 03/28/2013 03/28/2013 Active
GO-116 Inspections & Audits 05/13/2005 09/17/2012 Active
GO-117 Risk Management 07/08/2013 07/08/2013 Active
GO-118 Fleet Crashes 05/13/2005 08/05/2014 Active
GO-119 Vehicle Operations 12/07/2015 12/07/2015 Active
GO-120 Bloodborne Pathogens 07/11/2013 10/31/2014 Active
GO-121 Damage to Property 05/13/2005 09/17/2012 Active
GO-122 Take Home Vehicles 05/13/2005 07/24/2015 Active
GO-123 Adult Ride-In Program 08/13/2004 11/04/2020 Active
GO-124 Contingency Fund 05/13/2005 08/08/2012 Active
GO-125 Polygraph Examinations 05/14/2012 05/14/2012 Active
GO-126 Grooming Standards 05/13/2005 06/04/2012 Under Review
GO-127 Funeral Honors 05/13/2005 06/18/2014 Active
GO-128 Commissioned & Civilian Uniforms 05/13/2005 08/16/2017 Under Review
GO-129 Informants 05/13/2005 04/26/2016 Active
GO-130 Employee Performance Appraisals 03/25/2014 03/25/2014 Active
GO-131 Reserved      
GO-132 Expert Witness Fees 05/13/2005 05/13/2005 Active
GO-133 Promotions Transfers & Reassignments 05/13/2005 09/24/2020 Active
GO-134 Assignment of Relatives 05/13/2005 05/13/2005 Active
GO-135 thru 137 Reserved      
GO-138 Employee Availability 05/13/2005 03/28/2013 Active
GO-139 Reserved      
GO-140 Family Notifications - Officer Death or Trauma 05/13/2005 05/13/2005 Active
GO-141 Police Reports 05/13/2005 05/10/2013 Active
GO-142 Court 05/13/2005 10/14/2014 Active
GO-143 Firearms 05/13/2005 12/07/2018 Active
GO-144 Media Relations 05/13/2005 05/30/2013 Active
GO-145 Awards & Commendations 12/15/2005 12/15/2005 Active
GO-146 Reserved      
GO-147 Gathering of Criminal Activity Information 05/13/2005 01/09/2019 Active
GO-148 Medical Information 05/13/2005 05/13/2005 Active
GO-148b Request for Protected Health Information 05/13/2005 05/13/2005 Active
GO-149 Release of Departmental Information 05/13/2005 05/13/2005 Active
GO-150 Rights of Onlookers 05/13/2005 02/08/2013 Active
GO-151 Recording Devices 05/13/2005 05/14/2021 Active
GO-152 Building Security 05/13/2005 02/24/2015 Active
GO-153 Training & Recruiting 03/28/2013 09/04/2014 Active
GO-154 Compensation 08/19/2011 10/28/2011 Active
GO-155 Outside, Off-Duty, & Extra Duty Employment 09/11/2017 06/04/2021 Active
GO-156 Officer Involved Shooting 05/05/2008 12/31/2014 Active
GO-157 Use of Mobile Data Computers 03/29/2011 03/29/2011 Active
GO-158 Social Media 09/12/2011 03/29/2017 Active
GO-159 Early Intervention System 05/05/2008 06/30/2021 Active
GO-160 Complaint Investigation 05/13/2005 10/05/2021 Active
GO-161 Holiday Duties 01/13/2011 01/13/2011 Active
GO-162 Reserved      
GO-163 Policy Procedure Development 04/12/2011 10/28/2014 Active
GO-164 Reserved      
GO-165 Bias Based Policing 07/14/2011 01/17/2019 Active
GO-166 Undocumented Foreign Nationals 08/16/2011 08/16/2011 Under Review
GO-167 thru 168 Reserved      
GO-169 Victim's Rights 06/05/2013 06/05/2013 Active
GO-170 Communications 04/22/2013 12/31/2014 Active
GO-171 Personal Communication Devices (PCD) 12/28/2021 12/14/2021 Active
GO-172 thru 199 Reserved