Week 4: Healing: Remembrance and Return

March 13

Film Screening: Tsuru Rising and Fort Sill Protest followed by a panel discussion with the group Tsuru for Solidarity at 6:30 PM
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Description: Tsuru for Solidarity is a nonviolent, direct action project of Japanese American social justice advocates working to end detention sites and support front-line immigrant and refugee communities that are being targeted by racist, inhumane immigration policies. Join us for a screening of two short documentary videos and a panel discussion about how Tsuru for Solidarity connects history to the present.


March 15

ABQ Poet Laureate Mary Oishi presents Poetry in the Libraries at 6:30 PM. 

Description:: Join us for a special virtual poetry reading of local poets sharing their work on Japanese American incarceration, historical trauma, New Mexico history, and healing from trauma. ABQ Poet Laureate Mary Oishi curated the program featuring poems by: Ron Cooke, Larry Lesser, Chris Acosta, Marcy Angeles, Guillermo Gee, LeeAnn Meadows, Jonathan Davis, Larry Godfrey, Kathy Cooke, and Mary Oishi. The virtual poetry reading will be posted here and streamed on Facebook.

Click here to listen to ABQ Poet Laureate Mary Oishi talk with KTAL radio's Lisa Lucca about the Big Read programs.

March 17

Film Screening of  Children of the Camps and Community Trauma Healing with Satsuki Ina at 6:30 PM.
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Description: Children of the Camps captures the experiences of six Americans of Japanese ancestry who were confined as children to prison camps by the U.S. government during World War II. The film vividly portrays their personal journey to heal the deep wounds they suffered from this experience. Following the film screening join project and film director Satsuki Ina as she talks about her work with Healing Circles for Change—a  commitment to healing communities from racism trauma. Children of the Camps is available for advance viewing through Kanopy with your library card. 

March 18

Healing Trauma and Resilience Building for Migrant Communities presented by Ryan Bemis of Crossroads Acupuncture at 6:30 PM
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Description: Over 70,000 refugees have sought asylum at the US-Mexico Border since 2017.  Based out of Families and Youth, INC in Las Cruces, Crossroads Acupuncture and the Barefoot Acupuncture Movement have provided thousands of treatments for many of these migrants currently living within shelters, church sanctuaries and refugee camps. In addition, they have been training health promoters in Central America how to offer community acupuncture care, and improve the social fabric in these countries where as many as 30% of the people lack access to basic healthcare.  This talk with the Barefoot Acupuncture Movement’s co-founder, Ryan Bemis, will offer a brief history of the use of acupuncture internationally in addressing community trauma for refugees, prisoners and other displaced populations