LCPD Transparency

The Las Cruces Police Department has created this page to help increase transparency and ensure accountability.

*NOTICE: this page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. We will be adding new material and creating new links in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience.


LCPD’s Professional Development Unit runs our Academy and ensures all commissioned officers receive mandatory training and maintains their required certifications throughout their careers. Training includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Code of Conduct:
  • Use of Force:
  • De-Escalation:
  • Implicit Bias Training:
  • CIT Training:
  • Instructor Certifications:

See our annual Training Report.

Police Auditor

The City of Las Cruces contracts a Police Auditor to review complaints submitted to Internal Affairs. The Police Auditor Briefs City Council and City Management on its findings during public meetings.

Internal Affairs

LCPD’s Internal Affairs office includes a lieutenant and three detectives who investigate complaints (internal and external) made against officers.

Police Budget Information

Public Information Requests

Most reports generated by LCPD are public documents and available, for a nominal fee, through our Records window. Crash reports are available online. Incidents’ pending investigation are not readily available.

  • Submit an IPRA (Inspection of Public Records Act) Request. LCPD records, incident reports, etc., can be requested through an IPRA by emailing the City Clerk’s Office at Records can also be requested online here.
  • LCPD General Orders: The department’s General Orders establish procedures for a variety of policies for which officers are trained and held accountable. General Orders are updated, as needed, to reflect changes in techniques, regulations, rules, etc.

Annual Reports

The Las Cruces Police Department compiles two annual reports that are both available for public view.

  • Annual Crime Report: This is an overview of LCPD, recent crime trends, and statistics.
  • Annual Internal Affairs Report: This report, generated by Internal Affairs, includes complaints, resolutions, and disciplinary actions taken during the course of the year.

Survey Results

Surveys conducted by the Las Cruces Police Department, or on behalf of LCPD, are available for public review.

PEAK Strategic Business Plan

PEAK stands for Perform mission, Evaluate measures, Assess outcomes, and Keep climbing. The City of Las Cruces is using performance information to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its service to the public, focusing on improved customer experience for both residents and guests to the community. The Las Cruces Police Department measures several performances for its PEAK Strategic Business Plan. Those measures, with monthly updates, can be seen here: