Virtual Activities

Family Science

Ice Cream

Make your own ice cream by changing the physical properties of your ingredients.  Click here.


Use polymers to take your slime to the next level.  Adjust your recipe to make a bouncy ball.  Click here.

Egg Dying

Dyeing eggs is a spring tradition kids of all ages look forward to.  Experiment with the water:vinegar ration to find the best method to get the colors you want.  Click here.

Inland Sea 

Artists Talk from Photographer featured in the Inland Sea Exhibit: Allyson Packer

August 7, 2020, 5:30-6:30 PM 

Featured on the Las Cruces Museums Facebook page on Facebook Live.  Click here


Panel de Discusion:  Luchadoras Femenistas

Luchadoras de El Paso, TX y Ciudad Juárez, MX van a contar sus historias, y compartirán cómo han sido empoderadas por sus carreras en el cuadrilátero. A mismo, brindarán conversaciones sobre los efectos del patriarcado en la fronteraPrograma en español, 

Traducción al inglés disponible en forma de subtítulos. (English translation available in closed captions).

13 de agosto 2020, 5:30 PM  Click here

Luchadoras from El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juárez, MX will tell their stories and will share how they have been empowered by their careers in the wrestling ring. They will bring forward conversations about the effects of the patriarchy in the borderlands. This program is in Spanish. English translation will be available in closed captions.


Feed a Frog Game

Meet the frogs and toads from the Nature Center and make your own feed a frog game.  Click here.

Snake Shape Model

Meet one of the snakes from the Nature Center and practice using shapes to make a model.  Click here.

Meteor Model

Make a model meteor and learn the difference between a comet, asteroid, and meteor.  Click here.

Solar System Model

Create a model solar system with homemade window clings.  Click here.


Meet stegosaurus and practice writing your name, the alphabet, or numbers.  Click here.

Arbor Day

Celebrate Arbor Day by learning about trees and making a leaf print drawing.  Click here.

Dissect Chicken Egg

Learn which types of animals lay eggs.  Follow along as we dissect a chicken egg to see how eggs work to grow new life.  Click here.


Jet Pack

Launch a fizzy jet pack inspired by inventor and engineer Juan Miguel Lozano.  Click here.

Dissection of Cow's eye

Follow along with a virtual dissection of a cow's eye and learn about ophthalmological pioneer Dr. Patricia Bath.  Click here.

Board Game

Design, build, and test your own board game inspired by game designer Lizzie Magey.  Click here.


Create a flipstick cartoon inspired by the inventor of the first moving picture machine, the kinetoscope, William Dickson.  Click here.

STEM Night

Build a Mars Rover

Build a model rover to explore the Martian landscape.  Click Here for instructions

Animal Anatomy Exploration

Follow along with this virtual dissection of a frog to learn about the anatomy of animals.  Click here

Summer Wednesdays

Gardening with Native Plants

On August 12, 2020 starting at 5:30 pm learn about the best native plants for gardens in the Las Cruces region with Dr. Ivette Guzman.  The presentation will focus on how to combine and care for these plants, and create a garden that works with our soil, moisture, and sunshine in the Southwest!  Click here

Woven Book Mark

This week, make a woven bookmark to use when reading your favorite book. 


  • 1-2 pieces of sturdy cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape (optional)
  • Yarn (1-3 types)


  • Gather supplies
  • Measure 0.25 inches from each end of the cardboard (1).
  • Cut 8-10 tabs from the edge to the measured line (2).
  • To make the weaving easier, cut two pieces of cardboard and tape to the loom as shown (3).
Woven bookmark craft project supplies on top of a table
  • String your loom with one type of yarn as shown (4).
  • Make a weaving loom with one type of yarn as shown.
  • Weave the yarn across the loom in an over/under pattern, when you reach the end of the loom, weave back to the start going "under/over" (6,7).
Cardboard cut in two pieces with strings of yarn,
  • Keep weaving "under/over" and back all the way down the loom (10). Make sure not to pull to tightly, leave some slack or you’ll get an hourglass shape (8).
Woven Bookmark completed laying on the table
  • Cut the strings on the back of your loom. Tie the ends together, two pieces at a time (10,11).
  • You now have a finished bookmark! (12)
Woven Bookmark 4