Why is Dial-a-Ride charging a fare for Senior Citizens?                                                    

On May 20, 2019, City Council approved an amendment to the transit tariff that clarified the language pertaining to senior citizen fares on Dial-a-Ride. It allows RoadRUNNER Transit to implement a fare for qualified senior citizens, which was previously waived. It is the same fare that is charged to ADA qualified individuals with disabilities.

The fare for senior riders and ADA riders was already written into the tariff when it was established in 1997. When the 1997 tariff was approved, there were grants through Senior Programs that allowed RoadRUNNER Transit to waive the out-of-pocket fares; however there have been no grants for this since 2011. 

Is the $2.00 fare for a round trip?

The $2.00 fare is per trip which is defined as one-way from origin to each destination. A round trip from home to the grocery store and back home would cost a total of $4.00.

I use Dial-a-Ride to go to and from the Senior Centers. Will I be charged for those trips?

Trips to and from a City-operated Senior Meal Programs site are free of charge for seniors and ADA riders.

I use Dial-a-Ride for appointments and errands every week. Is there a reduced fare available?

Dial-a-Ride does not have a reduced fare program. However, senior citizens and qualified reduced rate individuals can ride regular buses for $0.50 per trip or by purchasing a $1.00 Day Pass on any bus or at the Customer Service Desk at the Mesilla Valley Intermodal Transit Terminal (MVITT) at 300 W Lohman, which is good for unlimited, same day trips anywhere our routes go.

If regular buses are not an option, senior citizens can contact their healthcare provider for medical transportation options.

How do I pay the fare for Dial-a-Ride?

The fare can be paid to the driver by cash or check when boarding the bus. Drivers do not carry change so cash must be exact. Tokens can be used and are available for purchase at Dial-a-Ride administration office or at the Mesilla Valley Intermodal Terminal in lots of 10 tokens for $20.00. Each token is good for a single ride and does not have an expiration date.

Will my caregiver have to pay the $2.00 fare too?                                                            

No, Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) who accompany qualified riders ride for free. However, companions will pay the same fare as the qualifying rider.

Both PCAs and companions must board and depart the vehicle with the eligible rider.  When the ride is scheduled, the rider must advise the scheduler that there will be either a PCA or a companion to ensure that a seat is available on the vehicle.

Who is eligible to use Dial-a-Ride?

Senior Citizens: Persons who are 60 years of age or older. Senior Citizens must register with the Dial-a-Ride office and document proof of age.  All points of travel must be in the Las Cruces City Limits.  Please call Dial-a-Ride at (575) 541-2777 to register.

Persons qualifying under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Those individuals who have a qualifying disability under ADA that prevents them from using fixed-route bus services.

Applications for ADA certification are available at the MVITT, by calling Dial-a-Ride at (575) 541-2777, and by downloading the application. Eligibility determinations will be made by RoadRUNNER Transit staff.

As a visitor to Las Cruces am I able to use your service?

We welcome visitors!  Eligible visitors are more than welcome to use our service for 21 days out of the year.  Please contact the Dial-a-Ride administration office at (575) 541-2777 to let us know when you will be here and we can provide you more information.

What if I want to take RoadRUNNER regular fixed route bus system?

The RoadRUNNER fixed route bus system runs bus routes throughout major areas in Las Cruces. Visit our website at: http://roadrunner.las-cruces.org or call a customer representative at (575) 541-2500 to plan your trip.

The bus service operates Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..  Unlimited Day Passes are $1.00 for senior citizens and qualified reduced fare individuals.