Kudos to the City

  1. J. Zavala (1)

    Kudos to Jose Zavala, Bus Operator, Quality of Life Department

    “Always has a smile, is polite and considerate. Explained to me why some buses don’t stop at all the bus stops if there’s no one [waiting] there. Read on...
  2. G. Martinez (1)

    Kudos to Greg Martinez, Bus Operator, Quality of Life Department

    A young man who has a sweet smile to greet you and a quiet calmness that makes you take a breath of relief. Read on...
  3. Stephanie Fallert

    Kudos to Stephanie Fallert, Case Manager, Quality of Life Department

    "After the stress of the past year and half, I need to share my appreciation of the people that are keeping us going, so I am writing to share my gratitude for Stephanie Fallert as my Case Manager. Read on...
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