Kudos to the City

  1. Hank Caruthers

    Kudos to Hank Caruthers

    Hank gave us a personal tour of the Railroad museum today, Read on...
  2. RoadRUNNER bus

    Kudos to all the RoadRUNNER Transit Drivers

    I received the following compliment by email from Charles Clements, a Transit Advisory Board member, and frequent bus user: Read on...
  3. Cesar Chavez

    Kudos to Cesar Chavez

    On September 9, 2020, Cesar was working in La Llorona Park and discovered an unconscious man. Read on...
  4. Aurelio Garcilazo

    Kudos to Aurelio Garcilazo

    Yesterday I met Mr. Garcilazo Aurelio at the Calle Abuelo City Park. Read on...
  5. Public Works Logo

    Kudos to the Public Works Department

    Kudos to all Public Works staff involved in the design and installation of a new drainage system for Kalahari Lane. Read on...
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