Planning and Zoning

Statement of Zoning

A statement of zoning is the application and process to obtain a formal identification of the zoning of your property. For informal requests, you may view the zoning of your property through Property and Zoning Information Map.

To obtain a statement of zoning, fill out a request form (PDF) and return it to the Community Development Department.

Notice of Public Hearings

Yellow Public Hearing Notice Signs

Community Development planners follow a public hearing notice process when changes are requested. Some of the more common proposals that require notices include variances, zone changes, street name changes, Special Use Permits (SUPs), Planned Unit Developments (PUDs), appeals, subdivisions, or master plans. Hearing notices must be posted in advance to give those impacted by the requests a chance to weigh in on the outcome. The hearings take place before the Planning and Zoning Commission (P & Z), which meet on the fourth Thursday of the month, with limited exception.  

To announce the public hearings, Community Development follows the process below:

1. A Notice of Public Hearing letter is sent to property owners living within a 500 feet radius of the address requesting the planning or zone change. (The state of New Mexico mandates only 300 feet but the City goes wider to maximize notice.)

2. A public hearing notice advertisement is placed in the Las Cruces Sun News 15 days prior to the public hearing date. 

3. Large yellow signs are placed in front of the location requesting the planning or zone change to create awareness that there will be a hearing for something happening at that location. A synopsis of the project and the place and time of the hearing is listed on the sign. It is designed to be read up-close, not by passing motorists.

The P&Z takes final action on specific case types; however, P&Z also serves as a recommending body to the City Council on some requests.  An additional notification process occurs prior to City Council hearings.

Yellow Sign Map - Locations for next P & Z scheduled public hearings

The yellow "pings" in the map below indicate where a change has been requested and a public hearing has been scheduled for the next P & Z meeting. The pings are removed after the hearing has occurred.