Non-Conforming Use Certificate

Non-conforming use certificates are used to identify a parcel of land, structure, or use of the property as legal nonconforming use. This means the property was legally developed at the time of construction or the opening of a business, however, the City's rules and regulations have changed since that time. Though a property or business no longer complies to today's zoning laws, for example, it would be considered a legal nonconforming use.

A non-conforming use certificate may be granted providing legal status that the parcel, structure, or use of the property may continue to be used in the manner it originally existed in until such time a change transpires. Such changes depend on several factors.


A Non-conforming Use Certificate may be obtained by submitting an application (PDF) to the Development Services Section of the Community Development Department.

More Information

For more information on non-conforming uses, structures, and property and how they are governed in the City, please read Article VII, Chapter 38 of the Zoning Code.