RV Parking Permits

Parked RV

Ordinance Changes

Changes to the City of Las Cruces Recreational Vehicle (RV) Ordinance took place on September 1. View ordinance 2856 or read the following information:

  • Ordinance 2856 - An ordinance repealing and replace in its entirety section 27-12-6-17, Parking restrictions for recreational vehicles, of the Las Cruces Municipal Code 1997, as amended. (Approved on June 4, 2018).
  • Due to the change in the ordinance, RVs will now follow the same codes as any other vehicle.

The following are some of the changes:

  • When parking an RV on the street, a parking permit must be obtained and displayed, and you will have 8 hours to obtain that permit.

Obtaining Permits

Free Permits Can be obtained at the following:

Parking Rules

Parking on the street is limited to 6 consecutive days, with a maximum of 18 days in a 90-day period. The RV must be parked at the address listed on the permit. The RV must be moved for 24 hours between permit periods.