Hiring Process

Personal History Statement & Background Investigation

After successful completion of the physical assessment, applicants will complete the Personal History Statement (PHS). Once the PHS is returned to the police academy, a background investigation will be initiated.

Controlled Substance Screening

Applicants will be required to submit to controlled substance screening in the form of urinalysis at some point during the selection.

Oral Review Board

A series of questions will be asked to determine skill levels in verbal communication, problem-solving and overall demeanor.


A series of questions will be asked covering: 

  • Drug Usage
  • Personal Background
  • Professional Background and several other areas

MMPI - Psychological Evaluation

A series of questions will be asked to determine the mental stability of applicants.

Medical Examination

Applicants will undergo a complete medical examination given by a licensed physician.

Firearms Qualifications

Applicants will fire their duty weapon in the NMDPS prescribed firearms qualification courses-day/Night. Passing score of 80% required.