Stormwater For Kids

What Is Watershed

"What is a watershed? (PDF)" is a downloadable presentation for teachers and students to learn more about the drainage that occurs within our local watershed.

Color My Watershed

"Color My Watershed (PDF)" is a downloadable and printer friendly worksheet for kids and teachers. Learn the basics of what a watershed is and identify animals that live in your watershed. Once you understand what a watershed is you can learn about ways to protect the watershed. This worksheet is best when printed on 11 inch by 17 inch tabloid sized paper. Print as many as you like and have fun coloring using watercolors, markers, or colored pencils.

Stormwater & Our Watershed

"Stormwater and Our Watershed (PDF)" is an educational book that describes the function of a watershed within the urbanized environment. The health of our watershed is dependent on minimizing the negative impacts caused by everyday human activities. This book will help explain how we manage and reduce pollutants in our watershed through awareness, prevention, and maintenance. Teachers are welcome to print out this booklet and use in the classroom as a learning tool for all ages. Stormwater and Our Watershed A bilingual informational book for kids and adults alike.