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Economic Gardening

Additional Support

The City of Las Cruces offers a free online tool designed to help businesses grow by making smarter decisions through data analysis. SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence (SizeUp LBI) allows you to easily obtain highly specific data on revenues, salaries, health insurance costs, suppliers, competitor information and much more.

SizeUp will help you manage and grow your business by benchmarking it against others in your industry, mapping your customers, competitors and suppliers and locating the best places to advertise. These tools will provide your business with valuable industry data and research insights.

To get started, select one of the four business analysis tools below and enter your industry to discover how your business sizes up with the competition. For additional assistance, contact 541-2286 or email.

Note: The tool is not supported by Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0. Please use one of the supported browsers (Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, Firefox, Chrome).


Benchmark Your Business
Know exactly where you stand in comparison to local and regional peers in such areas as the salaries, revenues, turnover and healthcare costs.

Map Your Competition
Map where your competitors and suppliers are located. Isolate areas with many potential customers but little competition.

Find the Best Places to Advertise
Choose from pre-set reports to find areas with the highest industry revenue, most underserved markets or create a custom demographic report.

CLC provides links to various websites that may be used for economic development comparison. CLC has no control over the data, their accuracy or the management of said data by these independent web sites.