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Arroyo Management Plan

The City of Las Cruces Arroyo Management Plan will provide policy guidance to: improve flood control & drainage functions; protect arroyos in their natural state; protect native vegetation and wildlife habitat; help protect private property; and provide additional recreational opportunities. The Plan is in progress and adoption is anticipated in early 2015. Please click the links below to access various components of the draft plan.

At their public hearing on October 28, 2014, the Planning & Zoning Commission voted (5-1 with one member absent) to recommend adoption to the City Council with certain revisions. The November 12th revision of the plan contains these changes and is available below. The plan has not yet been scheduled for a City Council meeting.


Plan Appendices:

  • Appendix 1: Detail Maps of individual arroyos with flood control dams, dam ponding areas, and proposed trails also shown. These maps are in an 11 x 14 PDF format. (Large file)
  • Appendix 2: Planning Background lists goals and policies from other past and current City of Las Cruces planning documents that address arroyo management.
  • Appendix 3: Flood Control Dams contains detailed information on the individual flood control dams within the planning area.
  • Appendix 4: Arroyo Modeling describes how engineers determine flood zones in areas where they are not yet mapped.

For more information, contact Carol McCall, AICP, Planner