Arroyo Management Plan

The City of Las Cruces Arroyo Management Plan will provide policy guidance to: improve flood control & drainage functions; protect arroyos in their natural state; protect native vegetation and wildlife habitat; help protect private property; and  provide additional recreational opportunities.  The Planning & Zoning Commission will consider a recommendation of the Arroyo Management Plan at their next public hearing on October 28, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall, 700 N Main Street.

    LINKS: (New materials for the P & Z meeting are in bold font)

Draft Arroyo Management Plan 10/28/14    Draft Arroyo Management Plan "tracked changes" 10/28/14

Study Area Map 10/01/14     Study Area Map-Land Ownership 10/01/14

New Input -- Arroyo Plan Public Input 06/24/14 to 10/20/14     Arroyo Plan Public Input to 6-24-14

Plan Appendices:                                                                                     Study Area Map (no aerial) 10/01/14

Detail Maps -- Appendix 1 contains close up maps of individual arroyos with flood control dams, dam ponding areas, and proposed trails also shown. These maps are in an 11 x 14 PDF format. PDF map links are here. 

 Alameda  Box & Apache  Dona Ana  Fillmore W  Napzinger  Tortugas W
 Baylor Canyon  City Center N  Fillmore Far E  LC & Little Dam  Sandhill E  
 Bilbo  City Center S  Fillmore E  Moreno & Sandhill  Tortugas E  

Planning Background -- Appendix 2 lists goals and policies from other past and current City of Las Cruces planning documents that address arroyo and open space preservation.

Flood Control Dams -- Appendix 3 contains detailed information on the individual flood control dams within the planning area.

Arroyo Modeling -- Appendix 4 contains a description of the modeling process with graphics.

    LINKS to older revisions, past P&Z meetings, etc.:        

Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing, 6/24/14 -- Meeting Minutes

Draft Arroyo Management Plan 9/21/14    Draft Arroyo Management Plan 9/21/14 "Tracked Changes"     

Draft Arroyo Management Plan 6/24/14    Draft Arroyo Management Plan 6/24/14 "Tracked Changes"              

Planning & Zoning Commission Work Session, 5/20/14        Draft Arroyo Preservation Plan revision 3/01/14