2040 Comp Plan

The City of Las Cruces is in the process of updating its 1999 Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that provides a vision of what the city should be, a guide for municipal decision-makers for capital improvements, and a tool for managing community changes that may affect the physical development and maintenance in the city.

The update process will include five phases. Phase 1 is complete. It included preparation of an administrative update to the 1999 Comprehensive Plan. It removed obsolete policies, removed completed actions, made changes to reflect current operational procedures or plans adopted since 1999, and reorganized the plan into themes instead of elements. Phases 2 through 4 will build off the Phase 1 plan of Comprehensive Plan 2040 and involve greater public-stakeholder engagement. Please see the schedule and public engagement plan for more information.

‘What’s New?’

The Las Cruces City Council adopted the administrative update to the comprehensive plan (Phase 1).  This interim plan, also known as Comprehensive Plan 2040, was adopted on November 18, 2013 through Resolution Number 14-096.

As of November 19, 2013, Comprehensive Plan 2040 is the official comprehensive plan in effect for the City of Las Cruces. It will remain in effect until such time as the City Council takes action to repeal this plan and replace it with an updated plan, as anticipated in Phase 4, or by an amendment prior to 2016, should that be necessary. Phase 2 of the comprehensive plan process will involve expanded public and stakeholder engagement opportunities to update this plan.

For more information please see the Comprehensive Plan 2040 Schedule and Public Engagement Plan or contact Paul Michaud, Senior Planner, at 575-528-3271 or by email.