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Terms of Use

Non Personal Information
This World-Wide Web site collects anonymous information that can not be traced to a specific individual. In general, the information relates to the Internet Protocol address used by the client computer, pages viewed, etc.

Personal Information
This site collects personally identifiable information voluntarily provided by its visitors. Visitors contacting the City of Las Cruces through its web site may provide the following information: name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. This site also collects information from individuals who submit their application for employment via the web site. The information collected would include name, address, telephone number, e-mail, employment history, and references.

Use of Information Collected
Non-personally identifiable information is recorded to develop statistical data used to improve the web site’s functions. This information is used to optimize performance of the web site, identify topics of interest to visitors, determine technical specifications, and for monitoring/improving system performance. Information is also used for security purposes, to ensure the availability of the web site and to detect unauthorized attempts to change or upload information. No effort is made to track individual users or their usage of the web site; however, information may be disclosed in support of investigations by authorized law enforcement agencies.

Personally identifiable information collect by this web site is provided only to cognizant City employees in support of a visitor’s request. Examples include “Pothole Posse” and “Graffiti Hotline” submissions. Employment applications submitted via the web site are routed to the City’s Human Resources.

Sale of Data
No personally identifiable information collected on this web site is sold to any third party.

Cookies are pieces of information stored in the visitor's hard drive. This website has certain applications that make use of cookies to enhance the performance and the experience of visitors. In no way cookies are used to collect personal information or to track visitors activities. Cookies used by this website are stored in the visitor's computer only for the duration of the visit.

The information presented in this web site is believed to be accurate, and presented in “as-is” condition. The City of Las Cruces shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from use or lack of availability of this web site.

This web site contains links to external web sites not affiliated with the City of Las Cruces. The City of Las Cruces is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these sites.

The City of Las Cruces does not warrant the reliability accuracy, merchantability, or fitness for use of any link on its web site, nor does it endorse any product, service or viewpoint expressed on any external web site.

The policies contained in this document may be modified through administrative procedure.