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Strategic Plan: Theme - Communication, Involvement & Follow-up

The Las Cruces community will experience greater engagement with their City government evidenced by:

  • City Council Work Sessions

    City Council Work sessions held in locations and districts across the city.

    Timeline: In 2017

  • Policy Review Committees

    Council members will work with the community to explore, discover, and discern the policy direction in key areas, such as: housing, economic development, education, health, utilities, public safety, transportation, capital improvement program, communication, and quality of life

    Timeline: In 2017

  • Neighborhood Leadership Academy

    Establishment of a Citizen's Academy.

    Timeline: In 2017

  • Managing for Results for Customers

    By July 1, 2018 Las Cruces City Government will be managing for results for customers as evidenced by:

    • Department business plans;
    • Performance based budgets,
    • Performance Reports,
    • Performance Dashboards,
    • Employee performance alignment
    • Performance contracting.

    Timeline: July 1, 2018

  • Strengthened Business Relationships

    In 2019, The relationship between the business community and the City will be strengthened as evidenced by:

    • A one-stop shop for licensing and permitting
    • More small businesses locating downtown
    • Jointly sponsored events and educational programs
    • More businesses locating in the West Mesa Industrial Park
    • Percentage of high school and university graduates staying locally
    • Increased local contracting for City services and products
    • Workforce education and development

    Timeline: In 2019