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Strategic Plan: Theme Key - Capital Improvements & Infrastructure

The Las Cruces community will experience greater engagement with their City government evidenced by:

  • Results Oriented Plans

    By July 1, 2018 The community will have City-approved resultsoriented plans for sidewalks, parks, median landscaping, and facilities.

    Timeline: July 1, 2018

  • Engaging Public Transportation

    In 2019 Working with our partners, the community will have access to engaging public transportation connecting downtown, the University, and the Convention Center.

    Timeline: In 2019

  • City Safe Working Conditions/Centralized Service Center

    By December 31, 2021 City employees will experience safe working conditions and city vehicles & equipment will be maintained in a cost effective, centralized service center.

    Timeline: December 31, 2021

  • Cost Effective Municipal Court Facility

    In 2022 The community will experience a costeffective, municipal court facility that better assures public safety and provides customer focused access to court services.

    Timeline: In 2022