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Policy Review Committees

Who will be serving on the Policy Review Committees?

Each committee will have Mayor and/or Council members, one Assistant City Manager (ACM), City staff members, and community members. Community members may be individual subject matter experts or representatives of agencies or other organizations; they may be invited to participate as particular issues are being addressed.

How do the committees get started?

At initial meetings scheduled with the identified Mayor/Councilors, ACM, and City staff, the committees will establish:

  • Governance – One elected body member (Mayor/Council) will chair
  • Meeting schedule – When and how often? Minimum: quarterly
  • Community membership – Who will be invited?
  • Issue development – How will topics be generated and developed?
  • Reporting – When and how will this be done?

Why Have Policy Review Committees?

As part of the City’s strategic plan, the Council is focused on providing opportunities for the community to experience greater engagement with their City government. The intent of the Policy Review Committees is for Council, staff, and the community to come together to review and develop policies that enhance the City of Las Cruces. Councilors will work with the community to explore, discover, and discern policy in key areas such as housing, education, public safety, transportation, and capital improvements.