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Solid Waste FAQs

Your trash container must be placed out the night before or by 6:00 a.m. and removed by 7:00 p.m. on your service day. Pick up times may vary due to unforeseen extenuating circumstances including but not limited to equipment breakdowns.

Grappler items are picked up once a month on the same day as your trash service. To find your grappler pick up day visit the Grappler Schedule. If your address does not come up on the grappler look up schedule try typing in the street name only.

All items for the grappler, must be placed out by the curbside the night before or by 6:00 a.m. and should be 5 feet away from any obstruction such as trash container, fence, wall, mail box, vehicles, and away from overhead wires. Customers are allowed the equivalent of two level, half ton pick-up truck loads (4 cubic yards) which is equivalent to four 5x3x2 adjacent piles of grappler items on their grappler day.

If you have any questions regarding your trash or grappler service please contact Customer Service at 575-541-2111.

Residential Containers: There are several reasons why your container may not have been serviced.

  1. Containers that have lids that are not properly closed because they are overfilled.
  2. Containers that are blocked or too close to vehicles.
  3. Container is tied with bungee cords.
  4. Containers that are placed at the curb with wheels facing the street or placed under power lines will not be serviced.
  5. Do not place large appliances and boxes, furniture, auto parts, concrete, rocks, dirt, sod, or livestock waste in or around the container.
  6. Construction, remodeling, or demolition material, hot ashes, oil, gas, paint, or any form of hazardous waste, or tree trimmings that exceed two (2) feet should not be placed in trash container.
  7. There are instances when construction or road work will obstruct our trucks from servicing your container. In these cases, please contact Solid Waste at 528-3700 and we will reschedule your pick up for another day.
  8. Unforeseen vehicle breakdowns may also cause delays in service but our staff will work diligently to ensure that your container is serviced in a timely manner.

For additional information regarding your Solid Waste service visit Residential Services.

Commercial Containers:

  1. Dumpsters that are blocked or do not have access for Solid Waste vehicles will not be serviced.
  2. Dumpsters that are overfilled or have trash placed in front obstructing access will not be serviced.
  3. Dumpsters that have visible hazardous waste will not be serviced.

The grappler truck picks up large trash items, unable to fit into your City trash container. There are several items that the grappler may not pick up. If your items do not fit the Solid Waste or Grappler guidelines please call Solid Waste at 575-528-3700 and on a case-by-case basis we will do our best to help dispose of your items properly. For more information about what items the grappler can pick up visit Grappler Service.

You can take excess trash or recycling to the South Central Solid Waste Authority at 2865 W. Amador where a fee will be assessed. You can arrange for a second container from Las Cruces Utilities for an additional fee of $9.00 a month for a trash container or $3.98 a month for a recycle container. Contact Customer Service to order an additional container at 575-541-2111.

The only holidays that Solid Waste and Recycling do NOT operate are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Residential customers whose service day lands on these holidays will have their containers serviced the following day even on Saturday.

If you have any questions regarding your recycling service or the items that you can place in your recycling container please contact Friedman Recycling at 575-323-5086 or by visiting their website.