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Board Responsibilities

Las Cruces Utilities Board of Commissioners main objectives:

  • Provide greater public access and participation in the Utilities matters;
  • Provide oversight and accountability for policy decisions and direction to the City-owned Gas / Water / Wastewater / Solid Waste services;
  • Establish Water & Wastewater Development Impact Fees as recommended by the Capital Improvement Advisory Committee process;
  • Contract on behalf of Las Cruces Utilities;
  • Seek and apply for grants and approved State loans to fund Utilities projects; although only Las Cruces City Council can accept loans.

A total of (7) Commissioners, two (2) of whom are seated City Councillors, comprise the Las Cruces Utilities Board. When there is an opening for a new Commissioner, applicants must

  • Be a registered voter and a customer of one or more of the Las Cruces Utilities for at least one year prior to appointment;
  • Not hold any elected or appointment to public office or be a City employee;
  • Not be a contractor, consultant or have a contractual relationship with the City for the benefit of the Las Cruces Utilities.

The Utilities Board is not authorized to initiate litigation and dispose of assets in the name of the City or the Las Cruces Utilities or approve of extension of utilities services to properties outside City limits. These types of actions require City Council approval.

Please visit the Utilities Board By-Laws for additional information.