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Board of Commissioners

Photo: Top Row (left to right) Councilor Gill Sorg, Mr. Steven Baumgarn, Mr. Jim Carmichael, and Councilor Gabriel Vasquez. Bottom Row (left to right) Mr. Harry Johnson, Mr. Ed Archuleta (Vice-Chair), and Mr. William Little (Chair)

The Utilities Board was initially formed in December 2006 by the Las Cruces City Council through a series of Governing Ordinances. The Utilities Board consists of seven (7) Commissioners, two (2) of whom are seated City Councilors. The City Manager and the Utilities Director serve as ex-officio nonvoting members of the Utilities Board, except when one of the Commissioners is unable to vote and a quorum is needed - then the City Manager can vote. The City Manager serves as Director of the Board, while the Utilities Director serves as Secretary.

The Utility Commissioners are Mr. William Little (Chair), Mr. Ed Archuleta (Vice-Chair), Councilor Gill Sorg, Mr. Jim Carmichael, Dr. Harry Johnson, Mr. Steven Baumgarn, and Councilor Gabriel Vasquez. Commissioners serve a four year term and are not compensated for their service.

Public meetings for the Utilities Board are scheduled at 3:00 P.M. the second Thursday of every month, although the schedule may vary due to holiday schedules. Board work sessions are generally scheduled prior to the scheduled board meeting. The Board meets in the Las Cruces Utilities Board Room (Room 225), 680 N. Motel Boulevard.