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Admin Services FAQs

The full amount of the past due balance must be paid to avoid service being shut off.

We verify all payments, last payment made and when shut off notice expired. We go over this information with the customer and encourage them to make payment arrangements before the services are shut off.

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), administered through the State of New Mexico Income Support Division, and Las Cruces Cares program, administered by Casa De Peregrinos. There are also several Las Cruces churches that assist customers.

Yes, New Connections will need to verify the location of all utilities, gas, water and wastewater.

New Connections would need to verify if there is gas availability and if so at that point we could go ahead and get all your information including the BTU demand you will need the meter to hold for your home. BTU demand is how much gas each appliance will need from the gas meter. A New Service Technician will get in touch with a cost estimate of charges and additional information.

All charges will be based on size of meter, current schedule of fees and approved Tariffs.

New Connections will verify if it will be an existing or New Construction. If existing utility customer will be directed to Customer Service Department.
If it is New Construction, New Connections will determine residential/commercial connection charges according to the current approved utility rates.

Utility review Technician will need to review all commercial utility plans prior to New Connections providing a cost estimate for connection charges.