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The New Mexico Tort Claims Act

The New Mexico Tort Claims Act was enacted in order to clarify the circumstances and procedures under which government entities are responsible for injuries or damages involving their property or employees. The section describing the requirements for filing a claim is shown below:

41-4-16. Notice of Claims. – [New Mexico Tort Claims Act]

  1. Every Person who claims damages from the state or any local public body under the Tort Claims Act {41-4-1 to 41-4-27 NMSA 1978} shall cause to be presented to the Risk Management Division for claims against the state, the mayor of the municipality for claims against the municipality, the superintendent of the school district for claims against the school district, the county clerk of a county for claims against the county, or the administrative head of any other local public body for claims such local public body, within ninety (90) days after an occurrence giving rise to a claim for which immunity has been waived under Tort Claims Act, a written notice stating the time, place and circumstances of the loss or injury.