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The City of Las Cruces is self-insured, which means your tax dollars go directly to paying claims against the City.

By reporting potential hazards, you can reduce City liability and expenses.

The Tort Claims Act provides that the state and its political subdivisions have immunity from legal liability, with specific exceptions. A list of these exceptions, where the City of Las Cruces may be held financially responsible, can be found in sections 41-4-5 through 41-4-12 of the Act.It is our job to make sure that anyone who files a claim is fairly compensated if you have suffered property damage or personal injury in our areas of responsibility. Areas of Possible ImmunityBelow is a list of some unfortunate events that not with our areas of responsibility.-Theft or damage by unknown individuals to your personal property, even on City property.-Vehicle damage due to road conditions where the City has not been negligent maintaining the road, or was not made aware of the problem prior to the occurrence. Public entities are entitled to a reasonable period of time to repair a deficiency once they are made aware of it.-Debris in city streets that the City has not been made aware of prior to the occurrence, or been given a reasonable amount of time to resolve.-Damage due to extreme weather events, such as flooding or fallen tree limbs.-Events outside City limits that do not involve City property.While this is not comprehensive, it will give you an idea of how the Risk Management Department may respond to a given claim.

To file a claim, print out or stop by City Hall and pick up a Liability Claim Form. We are located at 700 N. Main St., Suite 3500.

Once a claim has been submitted, the Risk Manager will review the claim and seek additional information from the claimant, other individuals and departments, if needed. After all information has been gathered the Risk Manager will make a determination and notify the claimant by mail. Total approximate from when a claim is submitted to when a decision is made is about 14 days.

Please contact Streets Department at 575-541-2595. The Streets Department will be able to determine if the City or an outside vendor would be responsible for the damage to your vehicle.

Call the How Is My Driving? phone line at 575-528-3770. Provide as much detail as possible about the vehicle and what you observed.