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This is a picture of the Trackways Exhibit at Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science

In the Permian Trackways exhibit the visitor will find two spectacular fossil trackways from the Permian Period, a life-size cast of a dimetrodon, two media programs on the trackways, and touchable trace fossils.

The Desert Life exhibit explores five habitats of the Chihuahuan Desert: desert plains, bajadas, sky islands, desert rivers and desert grasslands. The exhibits include 29 live animals, taxidermied desert mammals and birds, and illustrations of key plant species.

The Light & Space interactive area of the museum includes a four-foot digital video globe, a telescope built by Clyde Tombaugh, a table where visitors can experiment with light, changing images of the universe from NASA’s Space Science Institute, a mechanical model of the solar system, and an interactive exhibit on the color of stars.