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Public Works Projects

Please scroll down to find projects for Contracts Administration, Facility Management and Project Development. They are grouped by the section that is currently working on that project.

​Contracts Administration

Project Name Project Amount Project Manager
Melendres Street Recon $570,857.05 Lorenzo Hernandez
2015 Legislative Street Recon


James Moore

Utah Avenue Recon
Eric Chavez
Brown Road Recon
Jimmy Moreno

Nemesh Drive Extension $208,343.80 Eric Chavez


​Facilities Management - Design & Construction Services

Top 10 Projects
Project Name Project Amount Project Manager
East Mesa Public Safety Complex $10,527,947

Tomas Mendez

Transit Operation & Maintenance Facility $771,875 Tomas Mendez
Castañeda Service Center-Renovation $896,000

Joe Lippis

Burn Lake Phase II - Construction/ III - Design $626,057 Ruben Lujan / Cathy Mathews
Young Park & Sagecrest Park - Restrooms $725,500

Ruben Lujan

Traffic Management Control Room $100,000 Ruben Lujan
Desert Trails Park - Rehabilitation Trail $200,000 Cathy Mathews
Emergency Generator at Munson Sr. Center $235,226 Soo Gyu Lee
East Mesa Pool Park Area $150,000

Joe Lippis

Fiber Optic Cable Installation for EMPS Complex and Traffic Engineering $1,005,000 Soo Gyu Lee

Project Development

Project Name Project Amount Design Engineer
La Llorona Trail $ 465,000.00 Tony Trevino
Crescent Rehabilitation $ 496,467.00

Tony Trevino

Las Cruces Dam Trails $ 450,000.00 Tony Trevino
El Prado Rehabilitation $ 295,000.00 Tony Trevino
Storm Water Utility GIS Mapping $ 73,510.00 Tony Trevino
Lees Drive Rehabilitation $ 546,000.00 Jennifer Yoder
Terrace Hills Rehabilitation $ 400,000.00 Jennifer Yoder
Main St / Spitz Utilities $ 250,000.00 Jennifer Yoder
2015 Legislative Street Improvements
(Bex St, Boston Dr, Calle Del Sol, Pinon Ave,
Farney Ln, & Lavender Dr)
$ 4,400,000.00 Jennifer Yoder
Golf Club / Roadrunner Traffic Signal $ 366,000.00 Jerry Cordova

Hector Terrazas
Elks Road Widening $ 750,000.00 Jerry Cordova
El Paseo Road Safety Improvements $ 396,000.00 Jerry Cordova
Pettes Blvd / Stewards Dr. Reconstruction $ 660,000.00 Jerry Cordova
James Nunez
Downtown Revitalization Street Improvements $ 7,400,000.00 Jerry Cordova
Hector Terrazas
Amador Ave ADA $ 145,285.00 Koting Lee
Sixth Street Rehabilitation $ 794,415.00 Koting Lee
Hadley Ave Reconstruction $ 140,000.00 Koting Lee
N. Melendres Street Rehabilitation $ 200,000.00 Koting Lee
Solano Drive ADA $ 130,000.00 Koting Lee
Cambridge Drive Reconstruction $ 190,000.00 Koting Lee