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Over time the City's property and equipment becomes worn-out, obsolete, unusable or surplus. Since these items were purchased with taxpayer dollars and in order to comply with State statutes, the City will auction these items to the public either through an online auction or live auction.

Online Auction. Specialty items not available at live auctions are made available through an online auction website. Items can be placed on the auction website at any time and most are listed for one week. At the close of the auction, the item is sold to the highest bidder.
To become a buyer, visit Public Surplus registration and note the following:

  • Thoroughly read and understand the bidder agreement
  • There is no fee to register to become a buyer
  • Most items do not require a deposit to bid
  • Larger high-dollar items may require a deposit to place a bid
  • View standard disclaimer and terms and conditions regarding bidding and purchase process before placing a bid

To view items currently listed for auction, visit Public Surplus.
To bid on an item, login to Public Surplus.

Live Auction. Periodically, the City will schedule live auctions at the Auction Yard located at 1501 East Hadley, Building E.

Auction Items. The City auctions a wide variety of items. Below are few of the items that may be available for auction:

  • bulldozers
  • garbage trucks
  • City fleet vehicles
  • DWI seized vehicles
  • Metro narcotic seized vehicles
  • furniture
  • bicycles
  • recreation equipment
  • kitchen equipment
  • lighting fixtures
  • office equipment
  • electronic equipment
  • custodial equipment
  • fire gear
  • fire hose
  • utility pipe
  • lawnmowers
  • welders
  • drills
  • scrap metal