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City Assists with Efforts to Control Tire Fire in Cuba, NM 2018

The Las Cruces Fire Department has loaned Sandoval County approximately 75 gallons of firefighting foam to help control a large tire fire in Cuba, NM. As many as 80,000 tires stored on a half-acre tract of land are burning and there is concern the fire could spread to a nearby national forest.

A Las Cruces firefighter met an official from Sandoval County just south of Socorro yesterday to deliver the foam. Sandoval County will deliver replacement foam to the City of Las Cruces next week. The City has sufficient supplies to cover its needs during that time.

“We are uniquely positioned to assist,” said City Manager Stuart C. Ed. “This specialized foam is not carried by any other municipality in the state that we are aware of, including Albuquerque. Similar to what occurred in Houston and Puerto Rico, I am truly grateful that we willingly provide assistance during times of emergency.”

Ed says the foam is a loan that Sandoval County will repay through an interlocal agreement.