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Chandler Tank 2018

The Office of the City Auditor has concluded the information-gathering process related to the removal of vegetation and unwanted plants from a large ponding area on the East Mesa known as Chandler Tank, and is now reviewing the information with the City Attorney’s Office.

Plants, shrubs, weeds and other vegetation in Chandler Tank were cleared by a private contractor at the City’s direction in mid-October 2017, as part of the “Just Weed It,” program - an eight-week program designed to remove overgrown weeds in a partnership between the City’s Parks & Recreation and Public Works Departments and Codes Enforcement.

“Immediately after I learned of the clearing of Chandler Tank, I directed the City Auditor to review the chain of events leading up to its clearing,” City Manager Stuart C. Ed said today. “I wanted to know what internal processes and controls were involved, and how we as an organization can avoid such occurrences in the future. This is an internally-driven process to identify-lessons learned and improve our internal quality assurance/quality control performance processes.”

The findings will be made available once the review process is completed.

In the meantime, the Parks & Recreation Department has planted native bushes and other vegetation in areas adjacent to residences. The Public Works Department hired a contractor to apply mulch, and a binding agent to help with erosion control and the seeding of various grasses to include annual quick-cover, cool-season and warm-season varieties, wildflowers and woody shrubs. The contractor utilized land imprinting, an innovative method of controlling wind erosion. Land imprinting forms a textured soil surface that reduces wind velocity at the surface.

City Manager Ed also said the City is in the process of soliciting public comment for possibly repurposing the site as a recreation site at Chandler Tank. The public meeting will be from 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday. March 27, at the Monte Vista Elementary School Library, 4915 Peachtree Hills Rd. "We can't go back but looking forward we hope to cultivate a solution that may make the site even more useful and responsive to the open space needs of the neighborhood residents."