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Traffic Control Change at Sonoma Ranch/Sedona Hills Intersection 2017

The City of Las Cruces will be changing the traffic control at the intersection of Sonoma Ranch Boulevard and Sedona Hills Parkway from a two-way stop-controlled intersection to an all-way (four way) stop effective Friday, Sept. 22, 2017.

Digital message boards will soon appear on both approaches to notify the public about the new all-way stop condition. These boards will remain for two weeks after the change as motorists adjust to the different operation.

Motorists and residents are advised to proceed with caution and to be alert to changing operational conditions.

A study is currently underway to determine if the traffic control change at the Sonoma Ranch/Sedona Hills intersection will be permanent.

For more information, call 575/541-2505. The TTY number is 575/541-2182.