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Valve Exercising Activities in Downtown Area 9/8 – 9/15, 2017

Residents and businesses in the Downtown area from South Main Street to South Church Street and West Amador Avenue to West May Avenue could experience low water pressure, no water, or discolored water between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. from Friday, Sept. 8 through Friday, Sept. 15, while valve exercising activities are conducted. The work is in preparation for the rehabilitation project that is already in progress in the Downtown area and for future water line tie-ins.

During this time, water could become discolored due to the presence of iron and manganese. Although the water is safe to drink, City officials recommend waiting to wash laundry until after the water becomes clear.

The discoloration should disappear within 24 hours. If it does not, residents and businesses should flush outside and/or cold water faucets for five minutes. If the discoloration remains, call the City at 526-0500 for assistance.

Valve exercising is the closing and opening of valves within the system to ensure they are working properly in the event a water outage is required due to breakage, system maintenance, or system upgrade.