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Street Maintenance - Chip Seal 2017

The City of Las Cruces Street & Traffic Operations section of the Public Works Department will begin Chip Seal maintenance from June 1– 5, on the following roadways:

  • Mountain Ave. from Armijo St. to Melendres St.
  • Las Cruces Ave. from Alameda Blvd. to Mesilla St.
  • Reymond St. from Las Cruces Ave. to Mountain Ave.
  • Miranda St. from Mountain Ave. to Las Cruces Ave.
  • Armijo Street from Picacho Ave. to Las Cruces Ave.
  • Sweet Dr. from Hadley Ave. to Hayner Ave.
  • Scoggins Ave. from 6th St. to Sweet Dr.
  • Hadley Ave. from 17th St. to Motel Blvd.
  • Bowman Ave. from Union Ave. to Manso Ave.
  • Stanley Rd. from Kyle Rd to Hanger Lake Rd.
  • Engler Rd. from Del Rey Blvd. to Elks Dr.
  • Kilmer St. from Spruce Ave. to Ash Ave.
  • Evelyn St. from Madrid Ave to Mulberry Ave.

Motorists are advised of possible delays and loose material in the construction areas. Traffic will be affected and motorists are asked to seek alternatives routes.

For more information, contact the Public Works Department, Streets and Traffic Operations section at 575/541-2595. The TTY number is 575/541-2182.