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CM Outlines Chief Recruitment Process

Las Cruces City Manager Stuart Ed outlined the police chief recruitment process today after Chief Jaime Montoya announced he will be leaving at the end of this year following 26 years of service.

“The recruitment process begins in mid-September and will be both inclusive and transparent. I will form four committees to assist in the selection. The four committees will include a neighborhood community committee; a business committee consisting of the three chambers of commerce; a City executive leadership committee; and the Las Cruces Police Officers Association. While the process will be inclusive and open, the selection of our next police chief rests with me as City Manager,” Ed said.

One of the tools Ed identified he will utilize is the Police Operations and Data Analysis Report (PODAR) the City commissioned earlier this year. The analysis covered all aspects of the department, including workload, staffing, crime levels, the criminal investigations section, traffic unit, administrative support, data analysis, community demographics - as well as facility, fleet, technology and equipment resources. “I believe the overall report to be a positive one, and a key document for our new police chief to understand the organization and a great tool to hit the ground running,” said Ed.

The Las Cruces Police Officers Association earlier this week gave a vote of “no confidence” to the command staff. “I believe the timing of this vote is related to the announcement of Chief Montoya’s retirement. I am scheduling a meeting with the association before our recruitment begins so that we may discuss their concerns and incorporate those concerns into the recruitment of our new chief. I will formally seek their feedback in the review process as one of our candidate review committees before I make my final selection.

”The PODAR was conducted by the Center for Public Safety Management, LLC located in Washington, DC at a cost of $118,500 and is available on the home page of the City of Las Cruces website,, by clicking on the Transparency tab on the home page. The report is under Accountability.