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If you would like to submit a compliment for a City associate, City Councilor, or the City in general, click on Ask the City and select the “Compliment” Type of Service category. Thank you!

I have submitted several requests online and through the mobile app for various issues such as properties with weeds, street lights out, etc. The response has been simply outstanding. Every issue has been addressed promptly and professionally. I reported a property which was in terrible shape and owned by a realtor, and it was cleaned up within a month or so. Missing street signs have been replaced within a few days, potholes have been filled, and vacant lots overrun with weeds have been cleared. Fantastic job, City employees!!

From: Janet McQueen
To: City Employees

Details: Installed gas meter. Juan Molina was very professional. It must be so great to have people like him working for your department. Communication is so great when it pertains to us customers. He did an awesome job on the work order and communication part.

From: Ben Gonzalez
To: Juan Molina

I would like Rob to be recognized for the great job he has done in his position as Disbursements Manager. He makes the effort to reach out personally to the vendors and his internal "customers"/coworkers to resolve past and current disbursement issues which is reassuring. The Disbursements team as a whole is pleasant and helpful. The MUNIS reimplementation is not always a positive experience and the Disbursements team's help with issues is greatly appreciated.

From: Terri D. Del Ferraro, Purchasing Manager-SCSWA
To: Robert Lundien, Disbursements Manager

Today animal control came to help with three large dogs running loose at Sonoma Springs and Calle Corte. The animal control officer was friendly while still showing caution. He treated the three escapees with care and compassion. Thank you for having such an amazing employee in such a thankless job. He did good.

From: Lynn Lotman
To: Travis Smith, Animal Control Officer