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Go Bond HT


The City of Las Cruces needs resident input on community facilities and facility upgrades for an upcoming bond election scheduled later in 2018.

General Obligation (GO) bonds are the main funding source for basic infrastructure our growing community requires to thrive. This infrastructure includes items such as parks, trails, swimming pools, facilities for fire stations, libraries and much more.

“We can’t meet every need across the 76.5 square miles of the city with a single GO bond election, so the community needs to help identify what type of projects to prioritize for improving Las Cruces as a place to live, work and play,” explained David Weir, Chief Planning Administrator and coordinator for the City’s GO Bond program. “This is why resident input is so essential and important.”

The City of Las Cruces is asking residents to participate and provide input by either attending public meetings or by sending an email with their input to This input will be considered during the project identification process that will be completed by early May 2018.

The first set of meetings were held at the following times and locations:

6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15 at the Lynn Middle School cafeteria, 950 S. Walnut St., on the corner of Walnut and Nevada Ave.
6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 22 at the Branigan Cultural Center, 501 N. Main St.
6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 27 at the Doña Ana Community College Auditorium, 2800 Sonoma Ranch Blvd. (Best access to the auditorium is on the south side of the campus).

You can still leave your input. For more information, contact Jason Smith, Deputy Chief, Las Cruces Fire Department, at 575/528-4074 or email