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Weed Control Products

Red Dragon Back Pack Vapor Torches

Staff purchased two vapor torches for controlling weeds on hardscapes. These devices are connected to 10 lb propane tank and kill weeds by burning them. It works best on young weeds that do not have deep root systems. They work best on hard surfaces such as concrete walks and pavers.

Puncturevine/Goathead Weevils

Puncturevine weevils

(Microlarinus Lareynii and M. lypriformis) love to eat Puncturevine. In fact, that is all the weevil larvae do eat. On September 15, staff released 2,500 adult weevils on Puncturevine plants located in La Llorona Park and Trail. Female weevils deposit between 250-450 eggs inside of the burrs and stems of the plants where they hatch and develop into larvae. After 25 days, the larvae become adults and reproduce. Since the weevils only eat Puncturevine, no desirable plants are harmed. The weevils do not bite, sting or compete with any useful insects such as pollinators. Release of the weevils has been approved by the USDA Agriculture Research and Animal/Plant Health Inspection Service. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture has no restrictions regarding the use of the weevils to control Puncturevine.

Registered Herbicides

Parks and Recreation strictly follows the laws and regulations established by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. Here is a link to the laws.

The following is a list of commercial herbicides and a link to the products Safety Data Sheet that are used by Las Cruces Parks & Recreation Department: