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Reading your traffic citation

Sometimes reading a traffic citation can be challenging especially when you are not familiar with them. Please see below for an example of a traffic citation and some tips to help you read and understand it;

  • See this blank example of a traffic citation with notes on it that will help you understand the form
  • The citation number is the series of numbers listed on the top of the citation after the "07" County Code and Agency Code which is most often "225"
  • In order for you to be processed in the Municipal Court you must have been charged with a violation of LOCAL municipal ordinance. To make sure, look to see if the officer marked the box titled "Ordinance" and wrote a series of numbers beginning with "27" followed by a dash and more numbers.
  • You have 1 month from the date of the violation to take action on the citation. The date of the violation is listed about 1/2 way down the ticket on the left hand side. If the date you were given lands on a weekend or holiday, you are expected to take action no later than the next business day
  • View a flowchart of the process that you can expect if you are going to be processed in the Municipal Court for a traffic citation