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Frequently Asked Questions

Call fire headquarters at (575) 528-3473 to schedule your class.

Call fire prevention services at (575) 528-4150.

Stop by the closest station to where you are planning to burn for your free permit. Permits are issued on the day they will be used and are a 1 day permit only. Valid only within the city limits.

No. It is best to allow the cat to come down on its own, generally when they get hungry.

Any fire station between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Call fire headquarters at (575) 528-3473 to schedule a fire truck for your function.

Fire Department units are dispatched according to information received by the 911 operator. Firefighters are prepared to deal with the worst that could happen. In emergency services we have learned that if we assume something is "simple" we can be horribly mistaken. Plus, we respond as fast as we can and try to be prepared for the worst. The winner in these situations will always be the citizen who needs help.

Sometimes several units are dispatched to the same incident. The first unit may have arrived on scene, surveyed the situation and informed the dispatcher that the situation is under control. All other responding units could then be cancelled and put back in service to receive another call. Most likely when you see an emergency vehicle go lights and siren through a red light and then slow down and turn off the emergency lights, they have been cancelled from the call they were going on.