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Fire Stations

The Las Cruces Fire Department currently has 7 substations with sophisticated fire apparatus that strategically deploy throughout the area under its control so that dispatchers can send units from the fire stations closest to the incident.

Additionally, the Las Cruces Fire Department operates special teams that are trained to deal with high-risk and low frequency type incidents. These teams include Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials and Aircraft Rescue Firefighting. Shift personnel from the Emergency Services Division are certified at the Technician Level for their respected program and respond to incidents that require their technical skills and equipment. The Air Management Program is also included in the Special Operations Division. Members of this program are certified by Scott Health to maintain and repair the self-contained breathing apparatus' worn by firefighters.

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Station Contact Information:

Station 1: 201 E. Picacho Avenue (575) 528-4220

Station 2: 1199 E. Foster Road (575) 532-3375

Station 3: 390 N. Valley Drive (575) 541-5173

Station 4: 2802 E. Missouri Avenue (575) 532-3379

Station 5: 5998 Bataan Memorial East (575) 382-5617

Station 6: 2750 Northrise Drive (575) 532-3360

Station 7: 1050 Crawford Blvd. (575) 528-4303

Special Operations:

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting

Air Management

Hazardous Materials

Technical Rescue