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Alicia Hernandez
Interim Disbursements Manager

Phone: (575) 541-2106
Fax: (575) 541-2356

The Disbursements section is responsible for the disbursement of payments to vendors for goods and services, and overseeing travel related activities.

The City maintains a centralized organizational structure where the Disbursements section has the authority to process requests for payment for non-payroll disbursements. The section directs and manages the timely and accurate payment of all invoices, requests for payment, travel advances and reimbursements, miscellaneous payments, etc. for goods received and services rendered, by successfully entering requests for payment as they are received and running the systems processes. Payments are generated as checks or direct deposit (ACH) to the vendors’ bank accounts.

The Disbursements section encompasses the following services:

  • Process payments for all City departments
  • Process the check runs and wire transfers for all City obligations
  • Ensure timely Direct Deposit (ACH) file transmission to the bank for vendor payments
  • Submit the annual escheatment information/payment to the State of New Mexico
  • Prepare year end forms, 1099M’s, for vendor payments
  • Answer B-Notices required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Provide customer service to internal and external customers
  • Process voids and reissues at the request of the department and vendors
  • Audit P-Card purchases on a monthly basis