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Sustainability Matters Newsletters

Current Newsletter:

Jan. 2016: Volume 4 - Number 4
Highlights activities on green infrastructure, climate preparedness, transit plans, fair housing and more


Aug. 2015: Volume 4 - Number 3
The places and activities that help Las Cruces celebrate arts, culture, and nature

June 2015: Special Issue
Sustainability Action Plan Annual Update 2015

March/April 2015: Volume 4 - Number 1

The current state of food security and the regional projects that are helping to improve it

Jan. 2015: Volume 4 - Number 1

Highlights of Las Cruces’ efforts to become a certified STAR Sustainable Community

October 2014: Volume 3 - Number 4
Mulch, composting, glass repurposing, and recycled art are some of the many examples of how to turn trash into treasure

Aug. 2014:Volume 3 - Number 3
Examples of green Infrastructure in street design, pervious concrete and residential/commercial rainwater harvesting

June 2014: Volume 3 - Number 2
The economic, health, and environmental factors when choosing a water bottle

Feb. 2014: Volume 3 - Number 1
LED streets, reclaimed water, and the economics of solar power

Dec. 2013:Volume 2 - Number 1
The social side of sustainability: senior transportation programs, community/school gardens, and home rehabilitation program

Aug. 2013: Volume 1 - Number 9
Updates on the plastic bags to bench program and economic and environmental options in lighting

Jun. 2013: Volume 1 - Number 8
Highlights on the recent solar/wind city projects, the fashion show using recycled materials, and ecosystem protection

Apr. 2013: Volume 1 - Number 7

This issue highlights biofuels, summer water restrictions, agriculture workshops, and public events

Jan. 2013: Volume 1 - Number 6
An annual update of the City’ Sustainability Action Plan covering energy consumption, renewables, water conservation and other sustainable topics regarding various public/city buildings

Nov. 2012: Volume 1 - Number 5
Descriptions of some of the City LEED certified buildings and other efforts to conserve water and energy resources

Sept. 2012: Volume 1 - Number 4
Details of El Paso Electric’s Score Plus energy benchmarking to help reduce the City’s carbon footprint

July 2012: Volume 1 - Number 3
Planning complete street planning that include motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians

May 2012: Volume 1 - Number 2
Highlights of the storm water pollution program, water conservation, and cleanup efforts, and recaps of local events highlighted

Mar. 2012: Volume 1 - Number 1
An introduction to the Sustainability Action Plan, Water Conservation Program, and the Regional Clean Energy Initiative outlined