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Energy and Sustainability

CLC energy consumption pie In FY14, the City of Las Cruces spent over $4,800,000 in electricity. A little less than half of the budget supported water and wastewater infrastructure functions. One-third of the energy illuminated street and ball fields. Almost one-fifth of the City’s electricity budget powered the City’s buildings.

In the past three years, the City has implemented several projects to increase energy efficiency and its renewable energy portfolio. These projects have decreased the City’s energy consumption by 1.5 percent and increased the City’s renewable portfolio by 1.3 percent of the total energy budget.

The City has long-term goals to decrease energy consumption in City operations by 20 percent and supply 10 percent of the City’s electricity needs from on-site renewable sources by 2020. These goals decrease costs; support clean, efficient; and renewable technologies; and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The City’s Sustainability Action Plan includes many strategies to shift our energy patterns from: decreasing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in City buildings and streets by 7 percent in the next three years; to exploring alternative energy sources for utility facilities; to increasing use of alternative transportation options by 7 percent in the next three years, to promoting alternative energy manufacturing and construction as a core business; to enabling participants in the HUD home Rehabilitation Project to reduce per capita energy use by 10 percent.

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