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Planning and Revitalization

Planning & Revitalization provides long-range planning services for the City. This includes the public processes for adopting and amending plans such as:

  • Comprehensive Plan 2040
    This policy document provides a vision of what the city should be, as well as a guide for municipal decision-makers for capital improvements and a tool for managing community changes.
  • Area and Corridor Plans
    These documents provide guidance on planning needs for specific areas within the City or ETZ
  • Community Blueprints
    A first step for a specific neighborhood or area, blueprints are quicker to perform while still providing a more fine-grained, in-depth analysis and direction tailored specifically for an area and its unique challenges or circumstances.

These policy documents guide the growth and vitality of the city, its neighborhoods and municipal services. Links to our current and completed projects are listed below:

Current Activities

Past Projects

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

Planning & Revitalization Staff